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Oct. 20th, 2011

Here is a thing I talked about some.

The subject: http://filmcrithulk.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/goddammit-video-games-the-first-few-hours-of-arkham-city-is-lots-of-fun-but-super-duper-sexist/
(further reading: http://kotaku.com/5851358/batman-arkham-citys-weird-bitch-fixation, http://reelvixen.com/?p=1211)

My issue comes down to context in character vs. context in the game. The problem with context in character is that you can technically then get away with anything you want. All we have to do is say, "oh, this is a bad character, so they can say and do terrible things." I think the actions have to have context within the game as a story, or to be moderate. My understanding is that these are not really characters so much as thugs, interchangeable nobodies. So for me, then, it does come back to the writer's room -- they could be saying anything about anything. The example I used yesterday: If I was writing a movie, and there was a minor scene where the main character was threatened and defeated a dude in an alley, I could put a knife in his hand, or have him beating up some anonymous woman non-character. I'm not saying it's wrong to choose the latter, but it seems like you would want to have more justification for including the latter than just "the guy beating her up is a bad dude," because it doesn't add anything to the experience. You don't know any more about the hero or the thug because he's doing that instead of just threatening the hero at knifepoint.

But offended is a strong word. I'm not really that invested in it. I don't need anyone who made the game to issue a statement or for players to stop playing. I just think it's an issue that should be considered and discussed. It bugs me much more that people are dismissive, because as time goes on, too many things are just written off, until there's a cumulative effect. I liked FilmCritHULK's use of "insidious." That sums it up for me.

(Note: Be sure to watch the video FilmCritHULK posted in the comments, if you want to hate life.)

This guy is the new Nick Pitera.

LJ prompt

On September 11th, my father woke me up for school and told me "a plane hit the World Trade Center." I didn't even process the information, really. I can't remember thinking anything during the news during breakfast, but I feel like I didn't even process that a plane had crashed into the center of the tower, much less that someone had done it on purpose. It wasn't until I was at school that it became clear that it was an attack.

I vaguely remember one student saying she was glad it had happened, to try and be edgy or something. I hate people who think it's always great to have "the unpopular opinion."

Living on the other side of the country (and being sort of a moron, moreso then than now although still probably so now), I didn't feel much about the attack. At the time, I didn't really think about it, and ten years later, it seems like any other part of history that I wasn't personally at the scene of.

In one of my storage bins in my closet, I have the Seattle Times from September 12th.
Hey, look, I updated my journal. I should be working, but instead I worked on this. Now that's grade-A procrastination.

I think I will try to post on this more, just because.

Jun. 6th, 2010

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